Can we help you fill a vacancy?

Being flexible, thoughtful and willing to try ‘ that bit harder’ is what we understand our clients most appreciate about ourselves.

We like to think that we understand the pressures put upon our clients with respect to the recruitment of staff. Therefore we remain available, just a phone call away, so that our clients can turn to us first when a staffing problem arises.

If you are looking to fill a vacancy, whether it be a contract position, a temporary placing, or maybe you have been let down and now need someone who is able to start immediately on a more flexible arrangement, you should contact us.

Whatever your recruitment needs are, we think we would be able to help you. We have an extensive database of experienced individuals actively seeking a new position and a team of flexible workers enabling us to offer you support when needed.


This is what you can expect from Breeze Recruitment Driveforce;

  • All our applicants are carefully interviewed, their references checked, and they will be briefed on the vacancy prior to them being introduced to you.
  • An Identity and Address Verification check is carried out for all candidates.
  • We check all candidates employment references for the past 5 years.
  • All candidates complete a Registration document and a skills test.

Not found a position suitable for you?
Send us you C.V and we could still find you work.